Zlatan Ibile reacts to reports that Segun Wire has gone back to the streets, begging

Zlatan Ibile reacts to reports that Segun Wire has gone back to the streets, begging.


Nov 22, 2017 11:58 AM

Zlatan Ibile has reacted to viral reports that claims Segun Wire has gone back to the streets, begging.

Zlatan Ibile reacts
Zlatan Ibile.

Recall, it all started when an Instagram user, @oreinlofty called out Zlatan Ibile on Social Media and claimed he used Segun to make money, and then abandoned him.

Ore took to his Instagram to also post a video of Segun on the streets, He wrote;

Zlatan Ibile reacts

“Zlatan IBILE na bastard, so na FAKE LIFE him dey make this boy live for INSTAGRAM???!! I met the innocent boy HOVERING on STREET and his Street friends confirmed it.

Zlatan IBILE is only using the boy for his personal pocket… The poor boy looks dirty and unkempt on STREET.. Begging for common food to eat from people on STREET…

I actually gave him little change from what I’ve got!! I swear this is not fair on the boy and his family, his elder brother looked the same, confirming it that @zlatan_ibile only comes from time to time to carry him away whenever he needs him to make money, money he won’t share with him (segun) at the end.

So if people think this @segun_wire boy is living a live of GLAMOUR I swear you are f*cking mistakes!! Shout out to all those bastards that make people think they are helping the helpless through the social media while in real life, it’s all BULLSHIT”

Zlatan Ibile reacts

Now, Zlatan has reacted to this call out, and tagged Ore as an unscrupulous element, someone who is just out to tarnish Segun’s brand and Zlatan’s name.

He shared a video of Segun in his school, and a video of Segun’s mother debunking rumors that her son has gone back to begging…

Zlatan also showed off the receipt of Segun’s school fees.

He wrote;

“#SEGUNWIRE In appreciation to those who showed concerned regarding the brand Segun Wire, we say a very big thank you for the consistent support. “

“However, in addressing the controversial issues which went viral last night that got a lot of people speculating out of ignorance. I would inform all that Segun Wire is in good hands. “

“He went over the weekend to spend time with the mum which gave chance for an ignorant nuisance seeking for 30 minutes fame to do that, but we promise with immediate effect of the boy’s security against such shenanigans to ever repeat itself. “

“Furthermore zlatan ibile’s brand has done nothing more but show support to a boy who’s not even his siblings by rendering it upon himself to take care of his education without anybody’s support, which he is still doing regardless. So one seeking for fame trying to bring another man’s reputation down isn’t healthy. “

“Segun his currently in school developing himself in education with all standard of expanding further than the street identity. “

“So please people let the boy be so he can focus. And we would like to assure you that the brand coded records entertainment in conjunction with zlatan ibile are working with segun wire’s school to improve the boy further. “

“That’s all it is , God help the boy with the 30minute fame. At least segun Wire’s brand has assisted the needy of trending to his delight. Now we move to more exciting projects coming up.”

“Unilorin are you ready Segun Wire is going to be live Dec 1st at the event with Kunbi black. Blessings.”

Watch the video;